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1. I’m assuming you mean the clip from tonight’s episode? The one that got previewed on The View when Lea was on the show recently? Jen uploaded it on Vimeo but I haven’t watched the clip either. As per C:

basically rachel wants to kick santana out because she said that’s her and kurt’s sanctuary and that santana makes her and brody uncomfortable

but kurt calms them down and says that they’re basically snowed in so they should have their movie marathon and asks santana if she went through their dvd collection and she picked:

knocked up

rosemary’s baby

she’s having a baby

and then kurt teases rachel and she says she’s not in the mood to watch those.

I’m guessing it reads better than it views because a load of people were bitching about nicknames and stuff in the comments on ONTD.

2. I was just referring to Lea’s THR article, which - among other things - talks about the upcoming Pezberry/Finntana scenes we have to look forward to. Also, Santana appears to have gotten a job slinging drinks @ a bar called Coyote Ugly. Pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to be let slip??

3. There’s a good chance that Regionals will be this year’s cliffhanger. So this year’s seniors won’t graduate ‘til November Sweeps/ next Christmas. Then they will likely follow Blaine/Finn/Sam to New York. Because Britt not graduating was wrapped up in one line of dialogue in last year’s season finale but Blam’s struggles and support obviously need an extended arc to be fully addressed. Because the ratings are obviously going to be stellar. Because the current ND’s songs are selling so well. We’d be lucky if Fox didn’t pull the entire show before they got to graduation.

The salient bits:

From what I am hearing, though not 100% sure, the pitch may have been the beginning of the year will be the rest of senior year, so this year may end with a Regionals cliffhanger, then next season the focus is on Nationals/Graduation for the first half of the season with guest appearances by Lea, Chris and Naya. Then the second half of the year picks up with New York and any characters who graduated moving there. Thus it’s all technically in one location at a time and the end result is the high school going away.

Btw, this week’s ep is Bram free for those interested in clearance. Makes a difference tbh. Ohio still sucks. Sugar is side by side with Britt.

Wb Santana? is she in it for more than 5 mins or not Big chunks. And she made me laugh hard. I haven’t laughed with glee in ages.

No mention of Brittana.

"Very cute" Bartie moments during Shout.

4. 4x18 will have no NYC and the only people singing will be bram, blaine and the ND’s so it’s completely 100% safe to miss that particular travesty.

5. What else.. they’re bringing Coach Roz back once Nene finishes filming TNN. Bringing back previously likeable characters ALWAYS works, right? Shelby, I’m looking at you. Jarley rubbish is going to take centre stage…

That answers everyone’s questions right?

Since I’m making a really long post anyway, this quote is from the bass guitarist from Extreme - the band bram are covering in the Asteroid/Shooting ep. When asked about “More Than Words”:

[it] was described by Bettencourt as a song warning that the phrase “I love you” was becoming meaningless: “People use it so easily and so lightly that they think you can say that and fix everything, or you can say that and everything’s OK. Sometimes you have to do more and you have to show it – there’s other ways to say ‘I love you.

So I’d like your thoughts on how Glee will interpret that, given how Mine was used. Hope for Brittana fans or not?

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